The programs we have developed highlights the need for teaching outreach that are tailored to the respective industries built on themes and topics that are:

  • Relevant to the workers (their work context, community, living situation)
  • Engaging and interactive – that will interest and “reach” workers who have worked long hours at often physically demanding jobs, separated from their families and adjusting to a new culture and climate. There is no room for boring lessons or frivolous games that demonstrate no relevance to concrete, worthwhile objectives.
  • Effective for both teachers and learners – English for a Safe Workplace are often multi-level and adaptable for a range of levels of English language ability and easy to modify/extend/intersperse to other learning resources.

These materials were developed for the Singapore and the regional context and culture. It was developed for Temporary Foreign Workers in mind.

Many of the foreign workers will welcome such a program, let alone their employers knowing that these workers will be more productive and enhance efficiency to work as a team. In more ways than one it will facilitate an interest to further their competency training in other technical fields. This will assure an even more competent and productive worker working as a team with English as the common language of instructions in their work environment.

Welcome to the world of English for a Safe Workplace.

  T Rajagopal
  Executive Director
English for a Safe Workplace
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