Going to the roots, a series of everyday events on important essential communications skills with safety related language as the core, was researched and mapped. The focus was on the wider day to day events inside and outside the work place. Work place assimilation and integration with fellow foreign workers in working as a team is covered.

Snippets of examples was developed and piloted as a process to define the Occupational English language requirements for Temporary Foreign Workers in Singapore. The research defined the minimum levels of English language proficiency for workers to work safely and independently, without regular need for translation/interpretation. Conceptualizing and developing a template for the local environment we devised the application for the construction industry, the retail industry and the marine and logistics industry respectively in bringing about a cultural adaptation for application in the Singapore cultural context. A separate one with HACCP or Hygiene Analysis Critical Control Points was developed for workers. in the food and beverage industry.


Lesson Plan – For Construction, Logistics, Process, Marine, Retail, Manufacturing and other industries

  • Part 1:  Job Orientation
  • Part 2:  Working with Equipment and Tools
  • Part 3:  Working with People
  • Part 4:  Working with Documentation
  • Part 5:  Workplace Safety
  • Part 6:  Off the Job

Lesson Plan – For Food Manufacturing, Restaurants and allied food industries

  • Part 1: Job Orientation
  • Part 2: Working with Equipment and Tools
  • Part 3: Working with People
  • Part 4: Working with Documentation
  • Part 5: Hygiene Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Fundamentals
  • Part 6: Off the Job

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